About Us!


CHRISTfamily’s Beginnings, A Brief History

  • Pastor Bossio Sr., Pastor Pat Bossio Jr., and Pastor Fred Brooks seek the Lord to plant a new church located in Downriver Detroit with its mission to be a teaching church whose purpose is to mentor a family of believers into their individual callings.
  • 1st Service was held on October 3, 2010, and continued thru June, 2011, renting the new YMCA in Southgate, MI. The church grows.
  • An active AMC movie theater in Taylor, MI, became our next location from July 2012 thru August 2013.  A dedicated screen and auditorium were used for 2 services weekly. New people are reached.
  • The 3rd and final move was to our current location at 18506 Telegraph Rd., Brownstown Twp., MI. We began in September of 2013 and started by leasing 3 of the 8 suites in that building. We hold our first baptism service and launch an active kids and youth ministry. Pastor Fred retires to Florida and Pastor Dave LeFleur joins our staff.
  • Pastor Dave oversees the design, expansion, and upfitting of 3 additional suites. The opening service in the new and larger sanctuary is on Easter Sunday, April 5th, 2015.  Outreach dramas and plays win many to Christ. The old sanctuary is upfitted to a Student Auditorium.
  • Pastor Bossio Sr. passes at 89 years old and his life and ministry are celebrated. A new team of 12 young ministers are added for mentoring and growth. They are being trained in leadership and used in the church.
  • The purchase of the entire building added the final 2 suites and was done on 12-28-17. These added spaces are needed for our growing children and youth ministry. Our building purchase is a 5-year Land Contract.
  • The 2 new suites have been upfitted to a Children’s Center and an Office/Counseling/Conference area with storage and a shop area to build and repair in the back.
  • The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic challenges CHRISTfamily. Online services, online Bible studies, Zoom Weekly Leaders Chats, and ZOOM Prayer Meetings are developed and our reach increases. Giving is consistent and above targets while budgets are adjusted for protection. Each person in our church database receives a personal check in phone call for prayer and communication every other week by a deacon or pastor. Connections increase. God is good.
  • New Protocols for return are developed and communicated carefully and regularly. We use a professional advisory team for assistance. A Service Team is developed and trained to oversee and support our church family in their safe return to our church building. Online services will continue for those who are not able or ready to return in person.
  • Comeback Celebration Sunday is scheduled for June 7, 2020.


What We Believe

We believe in the power and presence of Jesus to transform you.

John 8:32 declares that Knowing the Truth Transforms…Believe Again!

Our story is about YOU…we are a teaching church, designed to mentor you into your calling. This is not about a stage or a spotlight. Using the Bible as our textbook, you can move from decision to disciple connecting to people called family. The world may seem all wrong, but you were designed to live right.

Vision A Place to Believe Again

Mission We are committed to share the Gospel around the world and around the block to make disciples who are like Jesus

Strategy CHRISTFAMILY is a teaching church designed to mentor each believer into their purpose

Psalm 13:5-6 ESV But I have trusted in Your steadfast lovemy heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.

It’s about trust and learning to love well. CHRISTFAMILY has more than a dozen different areas for you to connect, train, and serve.